Here is a list of sites we consider both useful and interesting if you work in the marketing and communication industry:  – the corporate site of our partner, Ebiquity, leading global player in media auditing and consulting services.– the ‘opinion and news’ site of Ebiquity. Here you will find many interesting articles about the media auditing and consulting business. – the site of the media auditor FirmDecisions, bought in 2012 by Ebiquity. FirmDecisions specialises in financial compliance audit for media, creative and BTL services. – ARMA is the Romanian Association for the Measurement of Audience, the organization which is commissioning the television audience measurement in Romania and the owner of the copyright for the usage of TV audience data. Media Hub is a member of ARMA and a subscriber to the TV audience measurement survey. – the site of research company RECMA. RECMA provides regular analysis and evaluation reports on the media industry. – on the World Federation of Advertisers site you will find several guidelines or points of view regarding best practices in the marketing and communications area.– the site of Romanian Bureau of Transmedia Audit (BRAT). You will find free information regarding the Romanian print and online markets (circulation of print vehicles, sites traffic figures, rate cards). – a complete database/library of the marketing and communication industry. Some of the articles are free; for full access, you must subscribe. – the site of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has a ‘Guidelines & Best Practices’ section, with many free downloadable articles and presentations – very useful for those interested in online media. – the personal site of John Billett, founder of the media audit and consultancy company Billetts. Billetts was the example on which Ebiquity built its media auditing and consulting business.

www.ephrononmedia– the site of Erwin Ephron, a ‘media guru’ whose thoughts significantly influenced modern media planning. A site rather like a noble wine… it gets better and better with time.

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