“I know half my advertising isn’t working; I just don’t know which half.” (William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme, and founder of Unilever)

In our opinion, Lord Leverhulme’s words are only half true. The outcomes of a one million euro media budget could be doubled by applying best-practice media planning and buying strategies – or it could be easily halved by poor media investment management. Media Hub’s expertise and services will help advertisers to increase their media planning and buying effectiveness and efficiency.

Media ROI is not just the result of competitive costs; it is an all-embracing concept that encompasses the creation of media value (sound strategic media thinking, setting media objectives properly, selecting appropriate media channels, support that relates to objectives and more).

At Media Hub, we believe that using the best media planning and buying practices will ensure a strong competitive marketing advantage for our clients, and improved media ROI. Media Hub consultants will quantify the added value and/or losses resulting from the media planning and buying activity, and will make recommendations for optimising media ROI.

When it comes to media planning and buying, Media Hub is not a substitute for a media agency – the media agency forms part of the relationship between the client (advertiser) and the supplier (media owner). What Media Hub does is to evaluate and audit the results of a campaign, report the findings and recommend improvements that will benefit all concerned.


Media Hub is a service to advertisers. It offers advertisers a totally independent and transparent evaluation of the way their media budget has been deployed and managed.

Media Hub provides a range of media auditing services with the objectives of boosting ROI.

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Unlike auditing – which mostly takes part after the event – media consulting services provide support to clients prior to them making or implementing major decisions involving a media budget.

Media Hub media consulting services ensure the improvement of media ROI.

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Companies that invest in advertising work closely with media agencies and/or media suppliers (TV channels, radio stations, online publishers, etc.). Consequently, it is essential for a marketing media professional to understand the jargon, key ideas and concepts of media planning and buying.

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