Media Hub is a service to advertisers. It offers advertisers a totally independent and transparent evaluation of the way their media budget has been deployed and managed.

Media Hub provides a range of media auditing services with the objectives of boosting ROI.

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Unlike auditing – which mostly takes part after the event – media consulting services provide support to clients prior to them making or implementing major decisions involving a media budget.

Media Hub media consulting services ensure the improvement of media ROI.

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Companies that invest in advertising work closely with media agencies and/or media suppliers (TV channels, radio stations, online publishers, etc.). Consequently, it is essential for a marketing media professional to understand the jargon, key ideas and concepts of media planning and buying.

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About Us

Established in 2006 Media Hub Consultants is a leading Romanian media audit and consultancy company. Since 2009 Media Hub partners with Ebiquity, the leading global media management specialist, ensuring services to both local and international client advertisers. The year 2014 brought an extension and enhancement of the partnership between the two companies, Media Hub becoming Ebiquity’s exclusive partner for the Romanian and Bulgarian markets.

Mission and Principles

Our mission is to enhance media return on investment for our clients and thereby contribute to their brand equity growth. 

We respect the international standards of the media auditor and consultant profession and guide our activity by the following principles:

1. We offer clients tailor-made solutions, with the goal of maximising the productivity of their media budgets.

We believe that planning and buying media space in a professional manner will improve our clients’ competitive marketing edge.

Optimisation of a media budget is not just the result of high-performance media buying, but also the outcome of smart strategic planning and accurate implementation in line with each brand’s objectives.

Our methodology has at its core the quantification of the added value and/or loss resulting from media planning and the buying process, with subsequent recommendations for optimising media ROI.

2. We are totally independent and impartial.

Media Hub operates independently of any local or international communication group that may be involved in providing media or creative services to advertisers active in the Romanian market. In order to guarantee the objectivity and impartiality of its auditors and consultants, Media Hub does not engage in any media trading activity for advertisers and/or agencies.

3. The confidentiality of the information entrusted to us by our clients, and their partner agencies, is sacred.

The information we deal with on a daily basis falls into the category of ‘Trade or Commercial Secrets’ (media and marketing strategies and campaigns, buying prices, etc.). This is why we view the confidentiality of such sensitive information as our top priority.

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