Media Hub clients are leading advertisers, with significant media investments in TV, online, radio, outdoor advertising and print. We are proud to work for companies and brands who are leaders or major players in their sectors. They come from a wide range of industries, such as FMCG, automotive, financial services, healthcare, retail, appliances, and beverages.

In our field of work, keeping a low profile and preserving the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us by clients are of paramount importance. In this respect, we can neither make public our list of clients, nor offer details about our projects. However, we are able to present the opinions of some regarding our work in the following testimonials:


“We’ve been working for several years on our yearly media audit with the Media Hub team. In the first year, we were in the zone of losses. Since then, with their help, we’ve managed to constantly improve our performance for both media planning and buying. Definitely, these improvements are reflected in our overall business performance.”

Marketing Manager, Automotive Industry

“We worked with Media Hub for a cost benchmark project back in 2012. Based on their report, we managed to renegotiate and improve our prices for the media vehicles where our competitiveness was low. We will keep on using their services; they proved to be trustworthy professionals.”

Marketing Manager, FMCG

 “Media Hub was our consultant for a media pitch. They are a professional team that supplied us an accurate picture of the media market context. They provided us support to elaborate a comprehensive media briefing and handled professionally the whole process. They had a critical contribution in the evaluation of offers and made us understand the whole picture. I recommend them to any advertiser interested in running a professional media pitch.”

Marketing Director, Financial Services

“I found at MAP a high-quality team, made up of highly experienced media professional. We’ve been working with them on a regular basis for a couple of years. During the whole this period, they provided us solutions, which contributed to improve our media planning and buying effectiveness.”

Marketing Director, FMCG

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